To ensure your soft furnishings fit perfectly we will always recommend that we visit your home to personally measure all windows and recesses. However if you insist we are prepared to make up your curtains or blinds from your own measurements but we must point out that doing so puts the responsibility on you to make sure these are accurate.

Refer to our Guide to measuring windows for curtains for more information.

If you have read our Measuring Guide and have an idea of your requirements we can produce an estimate by email. Give us the measurements (width of rail, drop of curtain or blind) and we will work out an estimate of costs, which we would need to verify by arranging a appointment to measure accurately should you wish to take the enquiry further.

Estimate Request

I understand that the estimate is not a confirmed cost and that should I wish to proceed an appointment for an accurate measurement will be required. Clicking the links below will open a predefined form for Curtain Make Up, Blinds or Bedding  – please feel free to add any other relevant information.

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